NovaReign the official sponsor of Hiraeth


“Hiraeth is a 6 piece melodic/progressive metal band hailing from Gauteng, South Africa. With a unique mix of musicians of different backgrounds, Hiraeth blends a fusion of different inspirations into a sound that is as idiosyncratic as the members themselves. From glorious breakdowns and growls to hauntingly beautiful melodies and vocals.”


When I First Played Undying I thought Reign was going to fall off his chair when he heard the amazing vocals of Marty du Plessis. We just couldn’t say no to make this amazing band one of the NovaReign Family.


Social media links :

instagram handle : @hiraeth_official

link :


Facebook handle : Hiraeth 



Single/released songs & music video links:

Hiraeth – ‘Lucid’ Youtube link :


Keep an eye on the NovaReign Body Jewellery home page for Hiraeth’s upcoming events, band info and everything Hiraeth you need to know.


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